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Bumper Repairs

At Webbs Auto Body Repairs we carry out all sorts of bumper repairs on all the different types of plastics used by all the car manufacturers, from the plastic rod welding bumper repair system, the hot staple stitching bumper repair system and the hot mesh bumper repair system we have all the necessary equipment to carry out the perfect bumper repair whether it’s a bumper that’s cracked, a bumper that’s punctured or even in some cases a bumper that has a piece missing we have the system that will suit your bumper repair.

After we use one of the bumper repair systems we plastic prime the bare plastic to promote adhesion we then apply a flexible black filler if needed, which is sanded down and prepared for a two part primer coating. After the primer is cured (hardened) the bumper is then again sanded down with a finer grade of sandpaper and prepared for spray painting colour matching etc.

Although we can carry out this type of bumper repair in a working day we do recommend not force drying the products we use as it may cause the top coat to dull slightly in time. For best results it’s best to take the time and care to insure a quality job is carried out and the customer is 100% satisfied.